Yan Hairong

Development Seminar Suzhi (素质 ) Travels: Northeast Asia, China, Africa Friday January 15 12 – 2 pm in AP 246, 19 Russell Street Lunch provided, please register here: http://anthropology.utoronto.ca/events/development-seminar-yan-hairong-2/ In the reform era, suzhi (quality) has emerged as a new conceptual template to understand and justify competition and mobility. Drawing upon archival and field research data, […]

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Aseem Inam

John Bousfield Public Lecture Las Vegas: The Prismatic City Friday 22 January *4 to 6 pm* in SS 2125 (Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street) Las Vegas has long been portrayed by urban scholars and practitioners as an outlier and exemplar of what urbanism should not be.  The talk argues otherwise:  that Las Vegas […]

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Allan Young

A Psychiatric Mystery Story with Two Solutions Anthropology Colloquium Friday 22 January 2 to 4 pm BA 1220 Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street A largely undetected epidemic initiated around year 2000 affects a quarter of a million American war veterans. These patients exhibit incongruous features and possibly incurable symptoms. Rival solutions have been suggested: a […]

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Libby Lunstrum

When Conservation Meets Militarization: Militarized Anti-Poaching in South Africa   Friday 29 January 3 to 5 pm in SS 2125 100 St. George Street, Sidney Smith Hall, 2nd Floor Military practices, logics, and technologies have increasingly spread from the battlefield and into everyday life. One perhaps surprising arena into which militarization has expanded is that […]

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Sarah Hunt

Rupturing Colonialscapes: politicizing the relational sites and scales of Indigenous resurgence Friday 5 February 3 to 5 pm in Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2125 (2nd Floor) 100 St. George Street, University of Toronto In recent years, the cultural, political and legal resurgence of Indigenous nations has taken shape through the actions of Indigenous people whose political […]

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Crisis and the Humanitarian Present

Thinking Through the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes Friday 5 February 9 am – 5 pm   208N, North House Munk School of Global Affairs 1 Devonshire Place, University of Toronto     Register Here: http://munkschool.utoronto.ca/csas/nepal-earthquakes/ This symposium aims to widen and sharpen debates about the politics of humanitarianism and development by reflecting on the devastating 2015 earthquakes […]

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Sutapa Chattopadhyay

Migrations, Squatting and Radical Autonomy: Personal reflections as a South Asian migrant scholar in Europe Friday 12 February 3 to 5 pm in Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2125 (2nd Floor) 100 St. George Street Abstract of ‘Migrations, Squatting and Radical Autonomy’ (in press) with Routledge: Space, Place, Politics Series Migrations, Squatting and Radical Autonomy offers a unique […]

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Chris Krupa

** Please note: this event has been rescheduled to 12 February! Development Seminar Book Launch: State Theory and Andean Politics by Chris Krupa Friday 12 February (rescheduled from 29 January) 12-2 pm in Anthropology Building, AP 246, 19 Russell Street Lunch will be provided, please register for this Development Seminar here: http://anthropology.utoronto.ca/events/chris-krupa-book-launch/ This Development Seminar event is co-sponsored by Intersections […]

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Anna Joo Kim

Welcome to the New South: Immigration and Segregation in Metropolitan Atlanta Friday 26 February 3 to 5 pm in SS 2125 Sidney Smith Hall, 2nd Floor 100 St. George Street Atlanta envisions itself a new Global City, spurred by the addition of more than 250,000 new immigrants from India, South Korea, Mexico, and Ethiopia in […]

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