Intersections Planning Meeting

Friday 22 May at 10 am SS 5026 (the 5th floor lounge) Join us for a first meeting to start planning for next year’s Intersections series for 2015-16! All members of the department are welcome to participate in planning next year’s Intersections series. Advertisements

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David Eng

Reparations and the Human *Tuesday 19 May* 3 to 5 pm Jackman Humanities Building, Room 100 (170 St. George Street) This presentation comes from my forthcoming book, Reparations and the Human, which investigates the problem of reparations and human rights in Cold War Asia. Following the devastating violence of World War II, an emerging discourse of reparations and […]

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Planetary Urbanization Workshop

A collaborative event between the City Institute, York University and the Department of Geography & Program in Planning, University of Toronto Wednesday 20 May 10 am to 2 pm Sidney Smith Hall, Room 5017A Background: In November 2014 we held the first workshop at York University and discussed Lefebvre’s Urban Revolution, Brenner’s “Theses on Urbanization” […]

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