Month: September 2014

Scott Kirsch

Technology as Keyword                                                  Scott Kirsch


While for centuries technology referred to a systematic study of the ‘practical arts’ — typically a technical manual or a kind of book — its usage has expanded dramatically so that today we think nothing of the same word being used to describe a massive hydro-power dam, a set of methods for building the dam, or the means of communication for a youth-based social movement against the dam; a specific piece of machinery or mechanical object or the totality of all of our collective means and capabilities. Through a materialist keyword approach to the career of technology, in this talk I raise questions about what it means to think of things, processes, and relations as technological, and explore implications of the idea of technology — understood in terms of its integrative, meaning-making, cultural work — for the histories and geographies that we produce.

Friday, September 12
3 to 5 pm
SS 2125

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PAC Alumni Panel

This week!

The Planning Alumni Committee

Alumni Panel featuring Jeff Cantos, Renee Gomes and Alena Grunwald

Friday September 19
3 to 5 pm
in Sidney Smith Hall 2125

Jeff Cantos is an alumnus from our Program in Planning (MScPl 2004) and an active member of the Planning Alumni Committee. He is a Senior Planner, in Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis with the City of Toronto. His past positions include lecturing at the Graduate Program in Planning, an Adjunct Faculty position at York University. His previous positions include acting as Housing Development Officer for the City of Toronto, and as a planner for the Office for Urbanism.

Renee Gomes is Director of Development for Waterfront Toronto, and an alumnus from our Planning Program and a member of the Planning Alumni Committee. Her past projects include experience managing large and complex redevelopment initiateves in Toronto and the UK, as well as implementation of the West Don Lands and East Bayfront communities. Her past positions include work as Development Manager, West Don Lands Waterfront Toronto, and Associate Urban Planner for Urban Strategies Inc.

Alena Grunwald is an alumnus from our Program in Planning (MScPl 2004) and active member of the Planning Alumni Committee. She is currently Manager, Partner & Stakeholder Relations at Ontario Place Revitalization, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Her past positions include Manager, Policy Development at Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Project Manager, Waste Diversion policy at Ontario Ministry of the Environment; and Senior Policy and Projects Advisor, Deputy Minister’s Office at Ontario Ministry of the Environment